Heartfelt congratulations, Anona, I'm excited for you. Does this change grad school plans at all? Is it sexist to ask that?

Sister Morgan, I haven't forgot my writing assignment. It will come sometime. I thought of saying "by Christmas," or something like that, but that would probably be a lie. I have a bad habit of promising to do things or be places by times that are much too wishful, and I'm trying to break it. So I'll finish my assignment sometime.

I had a dream last night that I caught a teeny, tiny, orange feral cat that went crazy clawing and scratching every time I touched it. Tell me what that means and you can have a peppermint from the basket by the front desk.

I really have nothing to write, hence the bit about the dream. Here's a question I've had as I've been reading Travels with Charley by Steinbeck and writing a little. To write compelling or entertaining personal narrative, do I have to embellish? Embellish doesn't really get at it. When I write about my own experience, it often feels like it becomes more that it originally was, the joys more buoyant, the disappointments sharper. Does anyone else feel like that when they write?

Quick update: I've done odd jobs the past couple of weeks and will work construction for the next couple weeks. I bought the fountain pen I mentioned a couple posts ago and love it to the moon and back, as my niece would say. Turns out my car doesn't need new spark plugs, but needed several other more expensive things, which I have replaced myself, thankyouverymuch. Good luck on finals, drive safe going home, etc, etc.


P.S. - I'm the one on the far right.


E. Anona said...

I don't think it's sexist to assume that a woman might change her educational plans because she's having a kid.

But I do think it's unwise to assume that a woman will not go to graduate school because she's having a kid.

In my case, I think I'll postpone grad school for a while, or just take a class or two at night if I feel the need. It's kind of weird; I always thought that going to grad school, getting my PhD, would give me a sense of success and completion in life. Instead I find myself looking forward to real life challenges instead of graded ones with deadlines. Maybe it's senioritis?

Sarachel said...

There aren't peppermints by the front desk anymore. They are now Wint-O-mints.

Julie M said...

I hated when the peppermints ran out. That was always a time of crisis. Especially during finals week. My condolences.