Going to the dogs...

I see you all have become incredibly silly in my absence. Oh well, I suppose it was to be expected.

Austin and I have moved into what we fondly call our "cinder block mansion." Somehow we ended up in an apartment with three (incredibly small) bedrooms, so we each get an office. Unfortunately, cinder blocks don't keep out the cold, so the heat's up to 80 and I'm still freezing. And how did I end up with the coldest room in the apartment? Austin won't trade, so maybe I'll share with him, transform my cold office into a cold guest room, and wait for you all to come visit. (Not all at the same time, please. Or at least give me fair warning.)

p.s. I got a cool job today!!! In brief, I'm looking through the BYU library's collection of rare 19th century newspapers to find articles about Mormons and catalog them. I don't know, the writing center here just didn't feel right. For me, that is. Everyone else can come to Provo and work there. (Sorry Sister Morgan). I do want to take a paper there just to see what it's like though. Kind of like entering enemy territory.


Julie M said...

Your new job sounds really cool. You'll have to tell us all about it. Tell Austin that he needs to be the chivalrous man your relationship and give you the warmer office. We have an office too, but I gave it willingly to David. I don't like that word. And when I am working on stuff, I usually like someone else in the room--beats me why. Maybe that's why you need to share Austin's office. How are you liking Provo? Wait, I can't remember, is that where you are from? Do you like BYU? I hope all is going well for you.

Sky said...

Get ready, Anona. We're all coming for a visit. Julie is flying in to Rexburg, and we're headed down, picking up Chris along the way. Twenty-two people. What's for dinner, huh?