It's haunting

Sis. Morgan, I want you to know that every topic you address in seminar haunts me incessantly until I figure it out. This time, it's about Writer's Block, and I find myself constantly thinking, "I need to write even though I don't feel like it." It has actually made me want to write more, which I appreciate, but it is still a little kind of funny how much it is weighing on my thoughts. Every topic we've discussed has done the same thing for me. Like writing in our real, multi-millenial voice; it's a novel concept which makes so much sense to me. I'm trying a lot harder to write how I want and forget the audience's opinion.

So thanks. It helps keep me real when I'm alone. Still working on my public performer face.

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Leanna said...

Don't worry too much about it. You'll never actually "get" anything Sis. Morgan says in seminar until you've been working there for a few years. Even then, you'll realize you've just skimmed the surface. It's just a sad part of life how it works that way. Good luck! =D