Three Examples

Today I decided that I am just plain neurotic. No hiding from this fact anymore. Touched in the head. Neurotic. The definition of who I am.
For the past 21 years of my life, I've given myself excuses for my....oddities. Oh, I just act that way because I am ________. (Please fill in the blank with any of the following applicable responses: tired, sick, hungry, full, sad, happy, school is stressing me out, hormonal, homesick, and then there's my favorite "it's the holidays" excuse--definitely a classic). But now it is time to face facts. Allow me to illustrate with a few examples:

Example One:
Today I couldn't write how I was feeling unless I was on the "Posting" screen for the blog. I can't write unless I am on this screen!!!! Do you know how many times I have written things on this screen only to never be posted? I write, copy and paste it to a Word document, and then save it in a little folder called: "Blog posts that are never posted because I can't write openly unless I am on the blog screen, and I can't actually post everything I write on the blog because if I did then it would flood the Writing Center page and it would only be evidence of my neurosis!" Okay. It's actually not called that. It's just called "Blog Posts" but you get the idea. This one probably won't even get posted, now that I think of it.

Example Two:
I cry-- a lot. And for no reason most times. What is this exactly evidence of? I don't know. I just know it happens and that I don't think it is normal. End of example.

Example Three:
I bought my husband a bonsai tree for Valentine's Day. That, in and of itself, I don't feel is neurotic, but my deliberation of the purchase was. I thought of the idea a few days before. I googled, "Bonsai trees Hershey, Pennsylvania" and what do you know? A store shows up completely devoted to the nurturing and growing of bonsai trees. And aptly named "Nature's Way." The next day I set out to find this place. First I get lost (as usual) but eventually I find it. The shop is out of a person's home. There's a big sign out front that says "Nature's Way" and I can see a greenhouse looking thing attached to the house. But I hesitate and my brain begins to think. What if this isn't actually a shop that sells bonsai trees? What if this is some way to lure nature seeking neurotics to one place? What if as soon as I go to the door I'll get hit over the head with a frying pan and sold into the slave market across the world?
Is this normal train of thought? I don't think so.
Finally (after 10 minutes or so) I take courage in the fact that there is the big sign out front and approach the house. It was just a shop that sold bonsai trees.
It took me awhile to pick one, but even when it was purchased and I was walking out the shop, I couldn't help looking over my shoulder to ensure that there was no frying pan about to hit me over the head.

I think three examples is enough for today. But in case any of you need a good laugh, just mention it and I am sure that I can supply more good stories.

PS- Sis. Morgan, is that you in that picture with Megan over to the side in NY? David and I have been debating this fact ever since it has been up. And, are you wearing glass? I think that you are.


Sky said...

Julie, I agree. You're a total neurotic. But this also makes you rather normal. Most people are neurotic; at least I don't know anyone who isn't. (Have Dan give you definitions or root words for it.) It just takes different forms with different people. I personally have a fascination with studying neurosis, since I have many myself. Also, I happen to believe that the W.C. attracts the most unusual neurotics, which makes it such fun to work there. Fear of "someone hitting you over the head with a frying pan"--very normal (except maybe for the frying pan part); Crying? Oh, so normal. I sometimes cry over leaves falling from trees. Be thankful for this neurosis; some people hardly ever cry. Can you imagine how much they bottle up? The "Blog Neurosis," however, is absolutely fascinating. That's one I'd love to hear more about.

A neurosis is simply a deviation from health (mostly dealing with fear). Some have more deviations than others, but whom do we know who is completely, totally healthy except the Lord? I personally believe that we should honor, write about (like you did), and get on first name basis with our neurosis, because they show where we have ... sort of blind spots that need healed before we can enjoy the peace the Lord talks about constantly in scriptures.

And, hey, Jewels, that is moi in the pic. Why? Do I look so different? Plus, I've always worn glasses, Silly. It's just that I lose them or break them, etc, so they aren't around a lot. James Best took this shot on the Stanton Island Ferry. How can you forget me so soon? And remind David that he shoveled out my driveway just 11/2 months ago at Christmas? Whaaa. You did forget me, didn't you? Now, I'm truly going to fall into one of my neurosis and start wailing. (Anyone know the plural of neurosis? I'm too lazy to look it up.)

Chan said...

I'm guessing "neuroses." I have none, bytheway.

Sky said...

Ha ha aha ha ho ho ha, Oh Chan, you're a hoot. You just made me laugh out loud.

Julie M said...

Neurosi. Definitely neurosi.
And I did not forget you Sis. Morgan. I merely didn't recognize you with your new glasses. I thought it might be, but wasn't sure. Anyway, I'm still miffed that you were in this part of the country, spent time with James Best, and didn't even try to come down and see me. Do you realize I am a mere four hours away from NYC? But I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. Just come see me in the fall. You'd love PA in the fall.

Leanna said...

Oh great, now I'm going to add to my list of fears all of my neurosi (thanks, Julie, for the plural form). Now Baby is going to be a nervous wreck. I need to buy more candles.

Emily Poteet said...


I am relieved that you cry...a lot. Part of me even hopes you cry as much as I do. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to go a week with dry eyes. Today I started crying after Brad told me a lame joke. I don't know if I was crying because I thought his joke was so dumb or if since I couldn't bring myself to laughing, I instead cried. Either way, neither of us knew why tears dripped down my face at that very moment.

Julie M said...

Hey Em,
I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries over stupid jokes. The other day we were at a party and someone told a stupid joke and I couldn't even laugh. I just stared at that person like they they had something hanging from their mouth or food stuck in their teeth or something. I think crying in front of them might have been less awkward.
Are you in Las Vegas yet? Are you having fun with the barbarian form of torture commonly known as student teaching? Hope so.