Greetings from Camp Striker in Baghdad, Iraq

Dear Sister Morgan,
I've been in Iraq now for almost a month. And I thought going to Slovenia was like stepping into another world. Right now I am a platoon leader for 22 soldiers. Most are young, many are married, and all have had previous combat experience--some on their fourth tour. One sergeant has spent most of his young adult life on deployment.
I'm sorry I haven't been writing on the blog page. In order for me to access the website I have to get the blog approved. Too many soldiers have blogged and released sensitive information that they shouldn't have. this is just a way for the army to monitor what information is being shared.

All is going pretty well. I have a lot to learn and almost no time to learn it in. It seems that each day presents me with a new experience that I've never dealt with before and suddenly I find myself in the driver's seat calling the shots.

I don't have much time to write, but once I get my computer I plan on writing down some thoughts I've had lately and either submitting them on the blog or sending them to you if that's OK.
Have a great day and I hope that all is going well. Thank you for your prayers.


Keith said...

Hyrum, I consider myself lucky to have come across this post. It's been a few years since I heard from you.

I actually had dinner with Katie Jones tonight (she joined the writing center the same semester you and I did).

Thank you for serving our country, Hyrum. You have my prayers and support.

Keith Harten

Emily Poteet said...


I don't know who this Keith fellow is, but I agree with him when he says thanks for serving our country. We think about you often and are praying for you.

Julie M said...

Hey Hyrum,
We think and pray for you too. Just to let you know, I did marry David (I know you were rooting for him) and we live in Pennsylvania now. I think you little boy is adorable and Katrina looks so happy. I know the Lord is with you.

iBo said...

Hey Hyrum,

You don't know me but I'm one of the newer guys at the writing center. Thank you for being brave enough to do what you're doing. I know that the Lord will bless you for your efforts and will be there for you anywhere and anytime. You have my support and I'm sure all of us at the writing center do as well.

-Ivor Lee