Celebrating My Authorship

I don't even know if "authorship" is a word, but I'm celebrating it. At least now I know that it wasn't my idiotic technology-deficient tendencies that inhibited me from contributing: I was never an author. What a relief. So, for my first post, I have some terrifying/supposedly exciting news and a movie announcement:
As for the news, Travis and I (no, we're NOT pregnant)finally decided on a graduate school. As of today, it's final. We're going to Villanova, Pennsylvania (right by Philadelphia) and we'll be leaving about the end of July. Julie, I'll be talking to you :) I'm not sure how close Villanova is to Hershey, but hey at least I know ONE person in Pennsylvania. That's a comfort. Philly is the fifth largest city in the U.S. and that is overwhelming for a Utah/Idaho-an like myself. It'll take some getting used to (that's quite the understatement), but we feel that it's the right decision. So bring it on. Here is a picture of Philly.

The movie announcement is this: (Pay attention, you bored citizens of Rexburg) we're going to see Nim's Island Wednesday at 4:20 at the Rex Theater. Those of you who can, please come! So far, it's Sister Morgan and I, but we'll have a blast with whoever shows up (cross your fingers that it's not a dumb movie. If it is, Sister Morgan is totally responsible). Here is a preview link for Nim's Island. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhPqz1VS4xU. I figure we're visual people.
Ok that's all for now. After more than a year, I finally feel part of the Writing Center all because of this blog.
~Jami Nichols~


Emily Poteet said...


Congrats on the graduate school decision. When you say July, do you mean THIS July? The one that's in 3 months? Wowee! I'm just a little Idaho farm girl, and I know NOTHING about living in a city, but I like traveling, and I love Pennsylvania. It's so lush and green. There's lots of places to visit, and everything back east is close to everything else. I'm really excited for you.

Leanna said...

I envy you for being able to leave and go east. Not that I haven't learned to find beauty in Idaho, but the east will always feel more like home. Oh and count me in on the movie. I'll be there!

Sarah said...
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iBo said...

Wow Congrats Jami! Whens the baby due :p just kidding...don't kill me. I'm glad that you guys have this opportunity. City life isn't small town life thats for sure, but I'm sure you'll flourish. You'll always have this blog and the rest of us here anyway :p.

Sky said...

CONGRATULATIONS. With all of you moving east, I guess we'll just have to move the W.C. also.

And, whoa, wait, about the movie? Jami and I wanted to see it because I've never seen Jodie Foster in a bad movie.... Hmmm, never mind. I can think of at least two. But...let's go anyway. Ivor, are you around? Meet us there. (Besides Jami wants to kill you.) Who else is around? SM

iBo said...

Naw, I'm in the glorious north, where the health care is free, and the food is too while I'm mooching from my parents. But have fun anyway! It looks like it'd be somewhat amusing.

Sky said...

"Somewhat amusing?" Oh, Canadian Ivor, I can tell you've never been to a movie with the WC crowd. Heck, tomorrow, after the movie, we're skiing into West Yellowstone to hunt bears with hatchets. We skin the bear--while it's still alive--and make blankets for our Spring party when we cook bear burgers for you and dance around the fire, painted in rainbow bear grease and dangling eagle feathers from our hair. I will take Leanna to climb for the eagle--which I'll keep for a pet until Christmas-- and Jami and Trav will cook their special recipe for Garlic Bear Burgers. Humph. And that's a quiet activity compared to what usually happens when a bunch of literate intelligentsia get together.

By the way, you were very wise to leave Idaho for the break. It's snowing a white-out blizzard here right now. Seriously. April, and I'm snowed in as of 11:00 pm on April 15th. Whoosh.

Julie M said...

I'm so happy Jami! Finally a friend to come out my way. You have no idea how excited I am for you (But I'll be honest. I'm really just excited for myself). Villanova is about an hour and a half away from Hershey. Complete driving distance. I am so excited though. Feel free to call or email me before or after you get in. (Are you driving or flying?)

T & J said...

It feels like a weight has been lifted off my worried (and upset) stomach knowing that we'll have at least two friends in Pennsylvania! I'll for sure call you before we arrive. Unfortunately, we'll be driving. Still wondering what will be best--take one car (we have two now, but with the gas prices and rent prices. . .maybe we should sell one)? Rent a Uhaul? Sell all of our stuff? Sorry, I'm just musing and thinking out loud. What did you do? You're the expert now :) By the way, did you survive your student teaching? :S Scary question. . .I'm just starting the process of getting placed who-knows-where in a state that I've never seen in my life. Whew. You'll be my inspiration. If you did it, I might be able to as well :)