Slowing Down...

While many of you are reveling in the luxury of being done with finals and watching movies with friends, napping, eating chocolates, etc., I will still be sitting here in the library wrangling with the intellectual problem of Ataturk and how to write 4000 words about the historical debate over his reforms. (Due tomorrow, of course.)

This is not a topic that interests me, which is mistake number one with a research paper. I feel like a freshman who has picked a broad topic which supposedly will be easy to write about (global warming, anyone?).

That's really all I have to say. I figured since every else got a chance to whine about finals on the blog, I could too. After this paper, I have four history finals to take, so I will be living crisis-to-crisis for the next seven days, playing whack-a-mole with my tests. But--the consolation--this is the last paper I will ever have to write!! (theoretically) These are the last four finals I will ever have to take!!! Oh joy, oh bliss. After this week, life is just going to be one big peaceful sea of smooth sailing.


Sky said...


Anona, here's a nod your way. But I hope you're not really through with school after this. You're graduate material, Sweetpea. (When asked if he had to choose between educating men or women, Brigham Young didn't even hesitate--Women, of course--because women educate the children and can change the world.)
But, apart from that, I do see a PhD in your future. However, don't think of it until after the baby comes, or I know I'll risk you buying a voodoo doll and stitching my name on it. In fact, don't even read this until the baby is here and is sleeping clear through the night.

E. Anona said...

Hi Sister Morgan,

I have two finals left now, both scheduled tomorrow. But I'm not stressed about either one (not much) so I read your post. I don't think I'm done with school--I like it too much and already feel lost without classes, but yeah, this semester full of history classes and pregnancy has made me look forward to just working until the baby comes.
It also made me realize that I'm not as smart as I thought I was, and that I fortunately picked the right major.
But it's good to know that you think I could keep up. Austin got a lucrative job examining banks for the Feds, so after some training in SLC and Dallas we'll end up in Billings, Montana for a few years...not very many school options there, but if we ever move to California or the East Coast I figure I'll get back into classes.
Well, enjoy your break from school. My cousin works at the Reading Center and says the WC is still holding on to its territory.