Random Act Confession

This blog is dedicated to the random acts in our lives (e.g. Sister Morgan building a snowman at 2 am). Think of the most random thing (at least out-of-the-ordinary for you) you have done today, and post it! I'll start.

I just signed up for a pony tail challenge--a week without doing my hair in a ponytail--on a friends blog. Have to say that that's a first for me.


Chan said...

At dinner I mixed all my food together into one big sloppy pile. And then I ate it. Hyrum isn't the only one who lives dangerously.

Sky said...


Crystal said...

How did I miss this post earlier?
Well, it wasn't really random (for me), but my roommates' thinks it's weird - Last night I ate my favorite snack: golden puffed wheat mixed with peanut butter and honey.
It may sound gross. And it may taste gross. But it's utterly glorious, I swear.

(I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now, but I can't seem to make myself care...)