Emily's Diagnosis

Emily Poteet, Bryndie, Leanna, Julie, and soon others from the Center will be in the schools teaching. Emily showed us an image of her getting sucked in to a cute little game of bluff called "who's got the power here and who's smarter?" She wants a reason why she dropped to the cute girl's level. Emily, I thought you were wonderful. It was a play for power, and you won. Nice work. I think your diagnosis is you just had a strong reaction (not quite as strong as Hyrum's though) to dealing with someone who lacks manners, is already rude (at her age, what a shame) and who is caught up in judging rather than learning. (In this case she judges people by what they wear? Whew.) She also sounds like someone who wanted attention and used a negative way to get it. If you hadn't reacted, I would have worried about you. Lesson? Do something about these little snots. Change the path they walk on before they grow up to be pink robot Barbie Dolls. Those of you who teach actually do stand on a battleground just as hard and dangerous as Iraq. You’re fighting Satan, and the prize you’re fighting over is the children themselves. Make a difference. You are the teacher. When you change children and move them toward good manners, respect for other people, kindness, and curiosity, you’ll affect us all. You have great power. If you want to change the whole world, start with the children.


Sarah said...

Even though they don't seem to listen, you can make a difference as a teacher. I often think back at my time in the school and can't wait to see what challenges await in the future there.

Emily Poteet said...

Thanks Sister Morgan. You make my incident look normal...even respectable. My, my...I just can't wait to get finished with student teaching so I can get a job with high schoolers.