WC Party

WC Party Friday, May 31, 2008. It's another service work party (Okay, I know this is a small change from the fun Tin-Foil-Dinner plan, but...) to put together hose and river pump. Wear old clothes, since it'll probably be raining. (If you're serious about working, bring a set of dry clothes or use my hair dryer like Ivor does), or you can work in the kitchen on the food. Or you can just sit in the swing and watch the rain. It's beautiful. Leanna? EmPo? Julie? Who's out there?


Hyrimskikorisikov said...

I'll be there!

Sky said...

That's not funny, Hyrum. YOU better be sleeping.

But, I promise to sword fight someone into a corner in remembrance of us at the river's edge once, using Chris' swords. You let me slap out all my stress. I'm sure glad I didn't fight Haylie that day. She whipped everyone with such pizazz? Ahhh, those were good times, and I didn't even know it. I miss you.

Sky said...

Hyrum, by the way, since we're listing personal blog spots, here's one of mine that two Emilys, James, Jaren, and sometimes Greg Fox blog, though forgive it, since it tends to get cynical and rough at times: