The Next Great American Novel

I just got done making a list of every single thing I can think of that I need/want to do in the next few weeks. Looking it over, none of it's very inspiring (note: "go get putty from house," and "buy clarifying shampoo") but it was very satisfying to get it out of my head. Is this just a woman thing, this list-making? Maybe it's hereditary. My grandma will put things she's already done on her lists just so she can cross them off.

One time I made a list of all the things that made me happy and then I found my older sister reading it and it was embarrassing. (I think I had such juvenile things like "flirting with boys" on there) and what was worse, she said she really liked my list and added to it. Schmarmy things that I can't even remember--anyway, I thought they were cheesy and I didn't agree with them so it wasn't my list anymore and I probably added her to my list of the things that make me mad. I actually have one of those around somewhere. The only things I remember from it are "slow people walking in front of me" and "being woken up from a nap."

Words I can't ever spell right:
The city in California where the Lakers are from (Los ____)
The photo i.d. you take with you when you drive or buy cigarettes (Driver's _____)


Dan said...

The only time I can spell license correctly is when I have spell check--like now.

iBo said...

I love Los Angeles. It's a great city. I think its on there on my list of cool sprawls of urban madness.

Chan said...

Ya know, Anona, I like your style. It's frank and not dramatic and clear.