Again, Chan is a bigfatliar

Sis. Morgan,

The screenplay for Incredible Hulk was collaborated on by several famous authors, namely Annie Dillard, Joan Didion, Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, and Shakespeare. And it stars Edward Norton. It's, like, the biggest cultural event of the decade. So, we should go.


To Chandler:
If you keep telling such whoopers, I'm posting you on the blog. I'M NOT GOING TO THE INCREDIBLE HULK. What if someone saw me going in? My whole reputation as a movie snob with excellent critical taste and class would be destroyed forever. His face alone makes me want to give up buttered popcorn. No way, no where, no how; give it up, Child.


Chan said...

That's it, I'm telling Gilliland.

Julie M said...

If I do recall correctly, Sis. Morgan, you allowed Mike Daniels to talk you into going to "Red Eye" with all of us a few years ago. When are you at work, home? So I can come visit?

Sky said...


OK, Julie. Even the best of us make big mistakes. And I swear I did not know that movie contained a girl sticking a pen in the bad guy's neck. Totally Mike's fault.

You won't believe it, but Mike was just here yesterday, and we talked about that very night. He's here until Friday and would love to see you. Where are you?? I'm here or home--I usually come home late--11:00-2:00am. I'm thinking about staying home tomorrow though, since I need to chainsaw a tree and hook up water before my lawn turns into dust. When can I come and visit you?

Emily Poteet said...

Wait--I want to be part of this visiting thing, too. Julie, how long will you be in Idaho? I'm heading to eastern Idaho this week. I want to go visit you AND Sis Morgan. If it works, it'd be fun to see both of you.

Sky said...

Good idea. And you can help me drown Chandler. He e-mailed Em Gilliland and talked her into the HULK this weekend (and she'll probably be staying with me.) What a brat. What a sneak.
Emily, I don't know where Julie is. But if she doesn't e-mail us soon, let's go track her down, smoke her out, or we'll contact the police and file a missing friend report. She keeps threatening to visit, but . . . How can she stay away from us this long?

Sky said...

Oh, by the way, EmPo, that really was Meghan's "before mission, size 6 dress." Amazing, huh? Also, you'll never believe this: Jason took her fishing last weekend. She caught nine fish. The last one was bleeding and wouldn't die, so she smacked it hard against the rocks. It hung onto life courageously. But, then, our sweet- as-pie Meghan beat it over the head with a huge stick until it gave up the ghost. Be careful, EmPo. Look what marriage can do to you.