These are pictures of Philly for Jami.

I took these and have been sitting on them for a few weeks now. Maybe just two, I dunno, doesn't matter. Here are pictures of beautiful Philadelphia I took when I was there. It wasn't as scary or dirty as I imagined, and I got this foot long but skinny Philly cheese-steak sandwich from a street vendor with a thin mustache and hairnet covering his greasy ponytail. It was so good.

Anyway, here is one of those slide show things like Sis. Morgan does. <3 Google and Picasa.


T & J said...

Thanks, Matt. Glad to hear it's not as "dirty" as you thought it would be :) Oh, and thanks for telling me the story of the guy with the hairnet and thin moustache. It made my day.

Sky said...

I loved some of these pictures, ... and others? Puzzling. I wonder sometimes what goes through your head, Matthew. YOU are a puzzle.

Sky said...

My favorites are the Grey haired man walking and the subway or bus stop?