A Good Night of food (?) and talk

--Kiersten's weird idea of a birthday cake

Though A good night anyway.
Travis, thanks for loaning us Jami. We took good care of her, fed her, and got her all calmed down about Philly. You've got to love us. (Except for Matt, who was teaching her how to swear and quizzing her about the differences between Crack and Meth--HIS idea of getting her prepared; but Dan and I got a strangle hold on him. Really. Don't worry. She's all set, but for the packin').
And except for Crystal making fun of my green soda. ("It's just not what I would expect you to order," she says.) Next time I'm buying a purple, tie-dyed Mountain Dew with tadpoles floating in it, Crystal. So there.
But, really, what a treat. There just isn't anyone I'd rather go to dinner with than WC people--past or present (even those who have temporally defected). Julie (and Leanna?)--Next Thursday for seminar and then to dinner? (Why? Because last time moi did not have time to grill Julie about her writing and/or life. Why? Because someone was pushing moi out door of Wingers to go see The HULK. Oh, sad scene: I reached back to Julie, crying out in anguish, "Julie, David, Help me. Save me." Ah...but wait; that's another story.)
However, we need to kidnap Chan and take him with us on Thursday, as he's so hungry he's making up fake contests he can win to get food, as well as panhandling on Main Street and wandering in and out of Seminar to grab some of Kiersten's birthday cake (flat, light brown, no frosting, no candles--just sort of plain ol' biscuits). Hi Chan; Bye Chan. Is he alright?
I'm going to fill in blank spots about my life next Thursday(maybe) and will need a huge banquet afterward--with good friends--to wash it down. GOODNIGHT. I have now stayed up 75 minutes past time, but I'll bet I still beat Nate and Crystal. They're so easy.


Crystal said...

That wasn't me, it was Andrea. I would never mock your Slimer-in-a-cup drink from Taco Bell.

(Slimer- the ghost on Ghostbusters. Remember him?)

Sky said...

Slimer in a cup? Oh, that's good, C. Sure. Does Andrea know people are signing her name to paintings and comments on this Blog, and blaming her for saying things she did NOT say?

Chan said...

Okay, Sis. Morgan loved "Incredible Hulk." She was a complete nut afterward. She kept saying "You won't like me when I'm angry," and then she'd hit us with her purse and yell, "SHARON SMASH!" And now she's buying green soda at T Bell, and it's not Slimer green, wrong movie.

Kiersten said...

Sister Morgan.

Check out my Ode.


The Biscut Nazi

Eric James said...

The correlation between the Mountain Dew and purse attacks is no coincidence. I was almost beaten into the ground because she ripped her purse in half and began swinging her arms, trying to use the two halves as boxing gloves. Luckily I got a dose of the other gamma filled juice, Baha Mountain Dew, and I was able to flee without too many scratches.