An Ode to Biscuts

O thou art fine
my biscut divine
thy crispy flake
thine filling intake

smelling like bread
thou dost fill my head
with thoughts divine
thou art sublime

better than cake
thou cannot be fake
mock if you will
but I'll get my fill

with a biscut


Sky said...

"with a biscuit..."

which goes down like lead.
Compare: thin French Crepes smothered
in ripe strawberries.

Kitras, I don't eat
stones dressed up as bread, misspelled.
At least add whipped cream.

Big smile to Kiersten

for writing on high brow blog.

Insults pull in Greeks!

That Haiku deserved an exclamation mark. I have only three(!)lying in a secured box hidden in my closet. I just spent one of them on Kiersten.
Of course, if I run out, I can always borrow from Air Rocky's unlimited pile. And if he hoards for a famine and won't share his exclamation points, I don't care. I can always catch one to reuse, as he throws them around like darts we have to duck.

Kitras said...

I spelled biscuit incorrectly? Holy cow, what a bad day. Sheesh.

Okay, I'll be better next time.

Thank you for the exclamation point, I needed it to boost my self confidence. It has been dying ever since I spelled biscuit incorrectly.
So, in effect, I'll take it that you approve of my mistake in spelling? Since you rewarded me with an exclamation point?

Sky said...

Ha. You take it right, Kitras. The (!) means we'll take whatever and do whatever just to get you HERE writing. (Send out email?)

Eric James said...

You know Sister Morgan, exclamation points (also known as exclamation marks to our British audience) have quite a profound history. Unfortunately, I could not find it. They just add so much umph! to writing. However, in order to please one and all, I will make an attempt to throw them in the depths of Mount Doom (along with that ring that also caused so much trouble in Middle Writing Center Earth).

Kitras said...

Ditto and done!
Isn't that great?!
Aren't you happy?!
Can you legally do this?!
I think there is something wrong with the ?!.
Don't you?