Wow. I'm impressed & Alert for Seminar

Icky birds eat dirt?
Writing assistants superb
talents rock the blog.
. . .
Chan is thrice a bigfatliar.
blasting out of Hulk, smashing
heads, he stepped on cars.
. . .
Chan spit slime, beat chest,
roared, and squeezed poor Rexburg down
into black grease spot.
. . .
Eric sucked up grease
to spit at the universe.
We hid our faces.

I love Jami's contests. Here's another short one: Friday is a holiday. Here's the contest. Name the holiday, and we'll let out Tomorrow's seminar to prepare for three day weekend.
One question. Ready? What holiday is it? Not a trick question, but hint for Matt: Day that California succeeded from the Union is not the answer. (You did that when you elected the Kindergarten cop. Whoops. I hate political quips. Sorry.)


Air Rocky said...
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Eric James said...

Eric sucked up grease?!
Japanese poetry is
not my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is my
most favorite holiday -
Independence Day.

Chan said...

Sis. Morgan, the word
You wanted is "seceded."
How embarassing.

Sky said...

Thanks, My Man Chan, for
reminding me I can't spell
Go for it, Kitras.

(Can we trade last names, Kiersten? I love the name "Kitras." It's like your first name, but sort of spits out of one's mouth--like spitting watermelon seeds or sincerely felt swearwords.)