I don't know what to write. (Note the uninspiring post title) I'm in Dallas, Texas right now. I've stayed in four different hotels during the past three weeks. My brother-in-law warned us against the first hotel we were going to stay in. Apparently if I went outside at night in that area of town I would be mistaken for a prostitute. (Nothing to do with how I look personally, of course.) The hotel we just moved from was in a better area and close to Austin's work. The Texas Ladies Club was just down the street though. Austin had to explain to me that a ladies club is the opposite of a gentleman's club, although both involve stripping. I guess I knew this already, it just didn't really register. We just found out that we're allowed to move into an apartment, and we found one in a very upscale part of downtown Dallas called Uptown. And yet a few blocks down is a little store called Condom Sense.

Hmm. My train of thought has taken me to unexpected places. Anyway, here is a picture of Sammy Gene (six weeks old now) that I took yesterday. She likes to sleep with her hands up near her face. I might go to the dark side and start a Facebook page to share pictures. I'll let you know if I do.


Julie M said...

Your baby is worth a Facebook page, but just post them on the blog instead. Why are you Texas? I didn't even know you moved. What are you doing there? How are feeling since the birth? How's the baby? A little more detail, you know.

Sky said...

I agree, Anona. Please consider putting more pics on Face Book.

And, Julie, yes, Shalese is on Face book, with a whole lot of pics showing a happy Jackson summer. Amazing, huh?

Do you and Jami live any where near each other?

Sky said...

Are you OK, Anona? Those hotels don't sound so cool with a new babe. If you want me to come down and visit Retro and Thrift shops to decorate your new apartment, let me know. We'll fill it with colors, colors, happy colors for YOU and the babe.

Julie M said...

Jami lives about 2 hours away from me...by train and probably by car too. At least that's my approximation. I would have to consult Wallace (my GPS' name) for an accurate time. I need to go and see her soon. And you should come out and see us both.

Sky said...

Hey. Girl. I'm on my way. (Except you'd better tell D. that I'm staying until Christmas. And, Jami, warn Travis that I'm coming at Christmas and staying until April? Don't worry; I'll bring popcorn.)

E. Anona said...


So I really like Dallas, and I think Austin does too. I like the hot weather and Austin found out we could get an apartment that his work will pay for, and I’m really looking forward to that. I don't like someone coming to do my dishes as much as I thought I would. I just sent off a fax of our rent agreement, and we leave this hotel (yay!) next Thursday.
Last night was this hotel’s “Grand Re-Opening Party.” On the invitation we got in our room it said not to wear flip-flops, but I threw on one of my nicer pairs anyway. So we walk in the lobby to check out the food and there are guys in tuxes standing around and a string quartet playing in the corner. I felt very awkward and conspicuous in my forbidden flip-flops pushing Sammy in her little Barbie-esque stroller I got at Wal-mart for 15 bucks. So we left and got tex-mex. Way good. Sammy has this sixth sense about when I am eating—she always wakes up and requires holding by me, which makes it a little tricky to eat. My sister Charity watched her the other day while we went to eat and it was weird not having her in tow. But nice, don’t get me wrong. I hung out with Charity and my niece Ellie the other day at their pool and got a nice tan. We’re switching off babysitting. Charity reminded me of a saying by my aunt—“If you can’t impose on family, who can you impose on?”
Other Sammy news—she is learning to smile and well, she sleeps a lot and just looks around when she’s awake. Nothing too thrilling yet. I am still trying to figure out my new life. I think I need to start writing so I can have some focus in my life. I want to start reading more too, but we don’t have an address yet so I can’t get a library card.What else? I feel really nerdy. Dave talked me into joining his fantasy football league, so now I have a fantasy football team. I generally steer away from anything involving the word “fantasy.” Oh well. I guess now that I’m a stay-at-home mom I have to turn to other pursuits.

Julie M said...

Life sounds good Anona. Although you and fantasy football in the same sentence is not something I ever expected to see. I've got to learn to kill off all expectations that I've ever developed. That way I can have somewhat of a calm existence. What is Austin doing in Dallas? What is his work? Does your sister live in Dallas too? I'm expecting you now Sis. Morgan. David won't mind--he's not here much anyway. Remind me to tell you about my life sometime.