Doesn't he LOOK like "guilt" itself?
It's unanimous. Matt needs to pay up his IOU in the Pizza fund (and everyone else who borrowed without writing IO Us. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).
I publicly apologized today for being a jerk yesterday (though I don't promise it won't happen again). And Matt has promised to repay our pizza fund. Then we're on to better days again.
Therefore, without government aid--we will slowly build our private fund with quarters, dimes, and nickels back to its original flamboyant amount. Then, listen, we can turn off the news and blow off the stock market. Our WC will be in-the-black-solid. We'll be just fine once again. (Whew. I'm so glad to put my finger right on the pulse of our problems and find such reasonable fixes. I should run for vice president.)
P.S. Leanna brought in her babe today on the same day of the Pre-Professional Conference where one year ago, she read a paper about panic over thinking she was pregnant. It was almost eerie. But this babe is a cutie. Looks just like Leanna.


Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

This has got to be the worst picture of me taken in the last year. I think that punishment has been sufficient and I'll make sure to break my $10 and pay the pizza debt.

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

Money in the jar. I'm off the hook.

andreabones said...

I'll have you know, I am one of the donatees(?) of this worthy cause. ie:when pizza is purchased, I would much appreciate being there to enjoy some of that cheesy goodness. that is all.

Leanna said...

Sis. M., I didn't see you at the baby blessing. What happened?

Sky said...

Laid out my clothes. Even bought baby gift (remind me to bring it up to work for you), then lay down for quick nap and didn't wake up 'till 3:30. No one is more disappointed than I am, since I feel so invested in this child of yours. But, I know it was probably very beautiful. And I hope you took pictures.