Our Hero

Matt earns a new picture because he paid back his IOUs (and I'm sure he added an extra donation along with it). Emily Martin--our math expert--how many pizzas could we buy if 18 people donated one dime a day for 30 days, plus Andrea, Chan, and Jenny? Ummmm
And, Attention PA, Provo, and Nevada people? It snowed all weekend and is presently 29 degrees. So, Hello, we're packing bags to come for a visit.


Jami said...

Whatever you do, don't check our blog and see the beautiful nature-filled weekend that we had. Short sleeves and 70's.

For once, I'm not homesick. Pack those bags because, Sister Morgan, I just found a park you'd die to sit down in and write. It's Fairmount Park (which is actually ten times the size of Central Park--who knew?) in Philly. Sorry, I'm making the 29 degrees more difficult. Yuck. Sincere empathy from someone who has been there with you.

Emily Goodsell said...

Sister Morgan,

Brad and I flew home this weekend to see my sister's baby blessed, and it snowed almost 2 feet at my parents' house in Rupert. It was only 11 degrees there this morning when we left today. We were happy to come back to Vegas where the weather never fails us.

Emily Goodsell said...

P.S. I didn't mean to be redundant when I said, "this morning" and "today" in the same sentence. oops.

Em & Ev said...

What happened to fall? It seems like we went from summer to winter within a day or two. It's definitely time to find that winter coat.

I think you could get twelve pizzas with three dollars left over (to use for root beer or something) if I did the math right. Pretty good deal for a dime a day. Just remember to invite me to eat pizza with you since I did the math.

Julie M said...

Not to add salt to the wound, but warm where we're at too!

Come on for a visit. We'll take you to Gettysburg and the Smithsonian Museum of Art.

Natorade said...

Matt, if you ever run for Sheriff or something, you need to use this picture and slowly zoom in to your face. I'd vote for you.