From Stephanie (Oh No--Tuesdays with Morrie?)

These pics are of Stephanie (who just wrote me this beautiful note (which follows--she really gets you down) on Facebook and another of Travis (on the far right) standing next to Chan's brother Tanner.

Title--: I'm lame

Hey Sister Morgan, This is a note to tell you how lame I am with good-byes. Something about the military fixed me for life as a nomad who can't cover-up her tracks in the snow. I wanted to let you know how much working at the writing center has meant to me. I am grateful beyond measure for that opportunity. It was the first job I actually enjoyed--probably because it is more than a job. Even though I know I can't write very well, I felt like I was surrounded with kindred spirits (who also live independently from time and deadlines). I learned something from all of you.
Meghan is the perfect balance of kindness and professionalism, she knows how to get the job done. Jacob is a diligent worker and He and Alyssa are such a stabilizing influence. I hope to be as pure as Alyssa someday. Ivor is an example of living life with passion, something I hope to get the guts to do if I ever let myself feel that deeply about anything. Dan and Kiersten's logic astound me, yet despite their intelligence they are so down-to-earth. Danny and Sarah strive daily to live by the spirit--so humble despite being so talented. Katie and Brittany are a lot deeper than I first thought they were. I wish I could have gotten to know them better, but I learned that outward appearances are so misleading. I wish I could have had more sessions with Katie; I would have learned a lot more. Her ability to discern a patron's need and clarify a paper is astounding. I love Brittany's subtle humor; no doubt she will be an asset to the center. Matt is just Matt. I wish I could relate to
people as easily as he does. I also need to take criticism as humbly. Thanks for being the scapegoat. Miriam and I had a writing class together the semester before I started working at the Center; I have never met someone so virtuous and without guile. I feel that I can relate to Matty who reminds me a lot of myself growing-up. I wish I could be that humble again. I knew Adam before I knew Rebeckah, but I could not see a more flawless match for her. She takes the initiative in befriending people and is so honest with herself. I also wish I could have gotten to know Kaitlyn better, I think we could all due to know Kaitlyn better. There is something deeper there I haven't discovered yet. You know how to pick 'em sister Morgan; It's not fair to hog so much of the school's talent in one department.
Most of all I have learned from you. I have never met someone who maintains a balance between being truly open-minded and living the gospel. You have an earnest desire to learn about people and you care about them more than in a superficial way. Honestly, during my first seminar I didn't know what to think. In an effort to understand your mind, I drew that diagram. I don't think it can ever be thoroughly understood ;-) As you shared pieces of your life with us, my respect grew... that one person could endure so much and still remain faithful...I hope to become such a spiritual giant. Seminars became my own "Tuesdays with Morrie". Life lessons to take to the bank. Thank you for seeing something in me; I have been given a glimpse of who I want to become.
I wish I didn't always breeze through life.I'm horrible at keeping in touch. I make so many friendships and assume it will just continue the way it was when we meet in the celestial kingdom, so everyone better be there. I feel like I have divided my heart and left pieces in England, Germany, Japan, and scattered throughout the US. I think being perfect means being whole. I look forward to being whole again.
I don't know exactly what I'm doing from here, probably Camp Anasazi then grad school. I'll do my best to keep you posted.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


Crystal said...

So why does Stephanie think she can't write very well?

Katie said...

To Stephanie:(Does she get on the blog?)
I think you summed up the current assistants accurately. Your writing is clear and easy to understand. I don't think I had to reread one sentence twice. I agree with Crystal. You’re great and modest. I wish I could get to know you better too, but ah--the afterlife! Can't wait.

I'd like to share another quote. I can't help it. I think, until I'm better at explaining what I mean, or until I'm confident I get the message across without reinforcements, I'll keep using quotes:"We have more friends behind the veil than on this side, and they will hail us more joyfully than you were ever welcomed by your parents and friends in this world; and you will rejoice more when you meet them than you ever rejoiced to see a friend in this life." I think that includes ‘friends’ or acquaintances we didn’t fully get to know here.

You think maybe if we didn't really get a chance to know each other now, it might be possible that we were great friends in the pre-existence, and that friendship will continue when we meet again? I think so. That’s something I look forward to.

P.S. Now everytime I make almond crescents, I think of you and Germany. Good luck with everything!

Eric James said...

I miss my Tuesdays with Morrie too. I was talking to a fella today who worked at the writing center at UVU. I told him I worked at the WC at BYU-Idaho, expecting an instant connection and understanding of each other. He responded, "Oh yeah, that was a piece of cake job. I never had to do anything." I wanted to bash his head with a big stick and tell him how awesome it was that he worked at a writing center, but then I realized he never worked at THE writing center.

The only real reason I want to go back to BYU-Idaho is because of the writing center. I'll see ya'll in a year or so!

PS - Sister Morgan, I think that exclamation point is quite appropriate.