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One other partner in fun and happy memories is cynical--yet somehow very pure--momance writer Anona. Anona meet Matt ESQ (not to be confused with Matty--the star of Anona's momance EFY story further down blog)whose saving grace is that I haven't killed him yet (Actually, this guy has one incredible heart.) Meghan Hoyos and Moi taken last Monday--Julie I cannot believe you have never met Meghan since she was best friends with Shalese also. It's creepy. And Meghan Hoyos with new husband Jason, who's sitting on couch with Jacob and Alyssa (New). At the top is pic of Chan, Nate, and Shan at Meghan Hoyos wedding. Get it?


Sky said...

This is all very confusing introducing new people to old--hence the lost period after one of the sentences above in case Chan's staying up late and going to jump on it. I'm just going to make a slide show in Picasa.

Jami said...

Wow, Meghan. I can't believe how LONG your hair is! I had to click on the pic to make it bigger just to make sure it was Meghan. So pretty.

My visiting teacher looks just like you, so I liked her instantly. I asked if we could hang out and be friends; I told her about you and she said it's funny because she had a friend that looked like me. Perhaps a friendship meant to be. You look so happy.

Crystal said...

Jami, I was just about to say the same thing about Meghan's hair. I'm terribly jealous.
How are you doing, Jami? I miss you.

Jami said...

Wow. I think we're on the blog at the same time, Crystal!

I'm doing well. My student teaching is lined up for January (I still can't believe these blessings the Lord is giving me.) I got hooker boots and a city girl hat, so I feel like I fit in a little more here. If only I had your glitzy earrings and necklaces to go with it.

I miss you too. How are you? Thanks for being a faithful WC blog member. I love to hear your voice and personality still.

Crystal said...

Now that you've described your new style, you better follow it up with pictures. What exactly is a "city girl" hat? I'm a country girl, so I have no idea.
What grade will you be student teaching?
I'm glad you're doing so well.
I've been keeping busy. I babysit and read a lot, and my sister is teaching me how to quilt.

If you give me your address I'll send you some glitzy earrings.

Sarachel said...

Crystal--when are you going to Rexburg? I might make a weekend trip at the same time...

Crystal said...

Probably toward the end of January - I still haven't decided on an exact date yet.

If you come, we'll outnumber Sis. Morgan. We could easily take over her house.