Follow the instructions on where to click. Start on the main blogger page.

Then click that link to go to this page. NOTE: YOUR BLOG WILL NOT SAY THE NAME OF MY BLOG. JUST SAYING.
Finally, click the edit button and then make sure the box is checked for the thing I've highlighted.
hope this helps!


Britt said...

Matt, I can't do it! I'm not even sure what I'm trying to do. Help me!

Katie said...


That was nice of you to take time drawing and explaining that.

At the writing center, you were always complimenting people, and I don't know why exactly, but I appreciate that.

P.S. How did Spanish turn out for you? No recuerdo, tocaré más clases de español un otro vez? (Ha hope that makes sense.)

Sky said...

That was nice. But, your wrecking me trying to introduce everybody, Matt. Plus, I tried this, and it doesn't work. But, nice drawing stuff. I'm impressed.

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

Si, tengaré que tocar espanol un otro vez. Soy muy infeliz.

Sorry this didn't work guys. I'll try harder when I get there in person.

Crystal said...

Um, the verb tocar means to touch- perhaps you were thinking of hacer?

(I'm sorry, I just had to say something.)

Katie said...

Tocar can mean to take or to play. One of my favorite lines: "tocar la guitarra" (because you get to roll your r's [which matt will learn some day] and because I love the guitar). At least that's what 2 semesters of Spanish has taught us.

Mateo, que mala suerte! Tambien, pero, necesitaré tocar tres más semestres. buena suerte.
?Es 'infeliz' una palabra, o 'made up' (intransitive phrasal verb!!)?

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

Google translate said it counted.

I was down here in LA for two days and I overheard someone explain how to roll Rs pretty clearly. It's like a "Z" noise.

Take that, gringos.