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This is Julie and Travis together--though they're not together now, ya know, at this moment. Get it? At least I don't' think they are. (Can you tell I'm doing this to get out of Christmas shopping and cleaning my house?)
And Sara (Sarachel) meet our new Kaitlin. The old Kaitlin is killing cockroaches in between teaching English and the Gospel in Peru right now while she waits for Bolivia (Ah, Remember Butch Cassidy?) to open back up. Are they having a coup (as in civil war in case I misspelled that word) or something down there?


Sarachel said...

Thanks for the info about both Kaitlins. I didn't realize old Kaitlin was in Peru. Is she allowed to email? What is her email address.

To the new Kaitlin, nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your Writing Center experience. It might be the best one of your life. Just saying.

Sarachel said...

I think you should post a picture of Anona next. None of these newbies know her, either.