Nevada is great only because EmPo lives there

Britt meet my good friend, compadre, and caretaker--EmPo (that's short for Emily Poteet Goodsell.) EmPo, meet Britt, who already admires you. (Are you coming home for Christmas?)
And this is Leanna {she loves plants and cats also and posted on your post) who was so hard to say good bye to last week that we both had to turn and keep walking. "No tears. No tears," we kept saying. You want to see a cute baby? Go to her blog.


Emily Goodsell said...

Thanks, Sister Morgan, for the introduction, and for your title. :) I'm coming home for a week--the Friday after Christmas until the following Friday. Brad can't come with me because he can't get work off. Will you be in Eastern Idaho? If yes, I'd like to go see you. Just let me know.

Britt, it's good to meet you, and hopefully sometime we'll meet in person.

Jami said...


How was your move? Do you like your new apartment? Is it nice to be so close to family or is it hard? The hard part will probably come in a little bit (what a pessimist I am :).

Leanna said...

Thanks for remembering about the move. =D Things are okay. We love the apartment, but everything else is crap. We're surrounded by obnoxious people, the managers lied to us about being able to have our cat (so we'll be moving again in 6 months, at the end of our lease, and in the meantime, we'll just act like we don't have a cat), the traffic is awful, we have to hike up and down three flights of stairs to get to our apartment (try that with a baby in one arm and all the groceries in the other), and worst of all, there's no friendly faces at the Writing Center I can go say hello to. This blog will be the next best thing, I suppose. I feel like we're newlyweds again because we really have no one but each other, which is great, but I thrive on being social and having friends, so I am looking forward to tonight--we got invited over to an old friend's house from Tennessee to play games and watch a movie.

Anyway, sorry if this sounded like a downer. I'll end with some happy notes--we love being close to family. Mom and Dad are great babysitters and are always more than willing to help out. We also love all the nearby shopping--so many places to choose from! We also have two bathrooms, so I get one all to myself. AND we have our own laundry room, no longer just a laundry closet. Okay, I think that's about it. =D

P.s. I think I might have beat you at the longest sentence, Sis. M., but yours was probably a lot more grammatically correct.

Leanna said...

Hey, Sis. M., why doesn't my picture have my name on it? I'm quite offended.

By the way, did you get the magazine I slid under your office door? I dropped it by on our way out of town.

Sky said...

Leanna, because everyone knows you, dum-dum. No magazine yet, because I haven't been to campus since right after I saw you last. But, looking forward to seeing what you left.