O Chocolate Bar, O Chocolate Bar la da da da da dem da

Here are some new people. I want to introduce, so you know what wonderful people you're writing to. Meet Kylie (KyKy), Katie (sometimes alias Anonymous), & Matty, a brand new member of the blog.I'll try to introduce a few a day. But in the meantime,

I want to fly to Europe to buy a hand-carved wooden Nativity scene. And while I'm there, Ill jot over to Brugge and buy real chocolate.
A couple of nice ward members dropped off things at my door, but because I don't want to talk to anyone, I didn't answer because I don't have to, since I'm over 60 now and can be a crotchety old lady whenever I want, which I've been anyway most of the time since 45. But...I wish they'd drop off something useful, ya know, like chocolate or food--instead of little tin things that say "The Best is yet to Come"; "Have a jolly Merry Christmas." I'm so ungrateful; I know--but I'd never do that to someone else.I mean they don't know me. What if my mother had just died, and they're handing me platitudes that say "Be O Thankful and Joooooooyful"? It's a dangerous practice. I promise all of you I will never send you any kind of a plaque with a platitude on it. Sigh, but they mean well.

I got this birthday card once and on the front was a guy all wrapped in sheets, tight, like a mummy, even his head was wrapped. Inside it said, "I know. I don't get it either, but Happy Birthday anyway." I fell over laughing. I'm a sick person, dark humor, not fun to be around unless I'm in Europe or New York or in the mountains, then even the chipmunks like me.
I want to walk way out onto the rocks into the sea on the coast of Ireland, where a Labrador came and caught all our sticks, but didn't return one. I really liked that dog.
I want to stay again in a convent where they rent rooms and serve fresh bread and OJ for breakfast, and the nuns can tell you exactly how to swerve your way downhill to St. Peters, because their Holy Man lives next door. I want to swirl around in the Musee D'Orsay (sp)and get lost again in the Louvre--for days this time. And I'd love to go back to Ephesus and Mary's cathedral, where it's tradition that Apostle John brought Mary to live--except you have to go through Turkey, which is one scary place for a woman, but even there, where the loud prayers wake you at 5am, I sat on a balcony at midnight and watched two men sitting at a table under a street light, playing chess. It was definitely a picture for Van Gogh to paint.
Or Dan, someday, maybe.

Speaking of Dan, did anyone see his and Kylie's shameless flirting on the blog earlier? Whew. I could hear Julie chuckling at them from far away. And they had Trav so confused, he'll probably never post again.

Trav, how can I add signatures to the posts? You've got administrative rights on here: can you do it? Don't anyone tell Katie or Crystal I was up past ten, though Crystal is still wide awake looking at the stars. I just know it.


Crystal said...

Ha, you are so in trouble.

And for your information, I am not up looking at the stars. It's too cold outside.
So I decided to make truffles instead. Dark chocolate. If you're nice to me I'll send you some...

Emily Goodsell said...

What the heck? The "Matty" I keep seeing is MATT ANDERSON? I love Matt Anderson! We worked EFY together for a few summers. Matty, I'm so excited for you to work at the WC. It's the best job you'll ever have.

Sky said...

CRYSTAL, Sugar Pie, Sweetheart, you HAVE to get over this 4:30 am stuff. You're going to stunt your growth. But I doubly love you, since you're one of the few friends I have who truly understand a 3 am chocolate FIT.

And, Em, Why do you think I hired him? He's way too shy, quiet, and unafraid of seminars for my taste, but he dropped your name, and Voila--HIRED ON THE SPOT. (But please tell me he's not the EFY councilor in Anona's latest Momance, or I'll throw up.)

Matty said...

EMILY!! I am so glad you are on here! I had a similar experience when I started working at the Writing Center. Sis. Morgan kept saying Em-Po, Em-Po, Em-Po and I thought who is this mystery woman? Then I saw your picture on the wall and it all came together! I was elated to know you were once here! I do love the WC! This job has already taught me so much!

Sis. Morgan, I just want to say I am not shy, I'm waiting. Also if I wasn't quite people could not laugh at my spontaneous wit. Just ask those who sit by me in seminar. As for being unafraid of seminars, I don't know what you mean by that. But I do love the pics and appreciate the introduction!

Sky said...

EmPo, Matty is a bigfatliar. I DID hire him solely because of you.

Matty, be careful, or Chan (who jumps all over misspellings if he stays up too late at night--just ask Anon Katie) will grab your "quite" for "quiet" and twist it like he twists bare steel pipes sometimes into pretzels. Seriously, I've seen him do this.

Emily Goodsell said...

And, Matt, Sister Morgan might strangle you for using so many exclamation points. Either way, welcome to the blog. This is my favorite place.

Crystal said...

Too late. My growth has already been stunted.

Sis. Morgan, you just shamelessly used Chandler to point out Matty's misspelling.

Sky said...

Ha. Yes. This is because I, myself, am such a poor speller (as you know). I cannot bear to be any bigger hypocrite today than I already am.

I say Hooray
for Chan the Man

Jami said...

Sister Morgan,

It was so nice to hear your voice again. There's so much more than rush hour traffic and cleaning up spit-up--although sometimes it's easier to think I've done this my whole life.

I can't believe you picked up a dead (or alive?) mouse and chucked it off a cliff. So brave. And, of course, it had to be in the winter without shoes.

Too bad you can't spend the night at our place, S. Morgan, because Saturday we're going to New York to see Mamma Mia! (The play name has an exclamation mark; I'm really not excited at all. . .) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I'll think of you as we walk through Central Park and Times Square. Maybe I'll take a picture (if the thiefs are on a dinner break).

Sky said...

Well, it wasn't exactly a cliff, but I love the ring to that.
MaMaMia! I'm so jealous. Daughter Megan and I saw the movie, which was about the stupidest movie I've ever seen, but we both loved it so much that I'm buying her the DVD for Christmas. Think of me as you dodge around those lovely pickpocketers (be very afraid; they're good at their job), and yelling evangelists and all those scrumptious hot dog stands. You are sooooo blessed.

Katie said...

I love Kylie, and Matty, and the writing center. Those are great pictures.

Sister Morgan, I'm working in a chocolate factory right now. (It's really just a fun little store, but factory sounds more exciting, as if everything was made out of chocolate or candy, and you could bite into aanything whenever you'd like.) And, to make our chocolates, we use European chocolate. I'm about to bribe you.

How about you go to bed before midnight one of these nights, and I'll bring you chocolate? It's gooooood. And I am bribing, because dares don't work.

What kinds of chocolate do you like?

Katie said...

Spelling correction for Chandler and sneaky Sister Morgan: anything not aanything.

Crystal said...

Neither bribes nor threats will work. Someone will just have to sneak in and bop her on the head.

Sky said...

Oh, Katie's got me here, Friend Crystal. She's talking real French chocolate. I mean, that's to die for. Plus, she probably works with Johnny Depp also. In ten minutes, I am climbing the stairs with the IPod and closing my eyes, Girl.

Crystal said...

Ha. I'll believe it when I see it.

Sky said...

I am only 14...now 15 minutes late, Crystal Pistol, and I'll make that up tomorrow night.

Hey, I'll share half of what Katie offered and what Chan owes me if you get to bed by 1:00?

Crystal said...

What does Chan owe you? Is it good?

In my defense, my recent late nights were not my fault. I am my mother's personal shopper, since she hates computers and the internet, and my sister keeps getting home right as I'm going to bed.

Katie said...

Okay. Tonight must be the night, because I am coming down to Rigby tomorrow. Sister Morgan, will you be awake at 9 a.m. for me to drop those off to you? How about noon?

Also, you didn't tell me what kind you like! (We hand roll everything.)

I could get you an autograph from ol' John Depp if you'd like.