Since some of you were wondering... (another bit straight for the diary of Tee Dub)

Torpor | 17 Dec 2008

“Torpor: a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility,” says Google. That was one of the words on my exam. I didn’t know what it meant. Much less that I was in one.

I think I did a lot better on the written part this time. I'll find out in two weeks. I was a little lower than last time on the multiple-choice part, but still not bad.

On the door of the Prometric testing center, there’s an alert: two high-pitched beeps, so close together they almost sound like one—like they’re in a hurry, almost a surprise attack. It’s the exact sound the trip-mines make in Jedi Knight, when you unwittingly step into the laser beam. They give you exactly one tenth of a second. And then I thought I was going to explode. But I walked away without a scratch.

—Travis W.


Ky ky said...

This is one of the words I didn't know:


–adjective, -ti⋅er, -ti⋅est. 1. cheap or tawdry; vulgar: a tatty production of a Shakespearean play.
2. shabby or ill-kempt; ragged; untidy: an old house with dirty windows and tatty curtains.

Did you take the test in Pocatello?

Dan (Not Kylie)

Ky ky said...

1.An extraordinary person or thing.

I didn't take the GRE, but this is a word I didn't know existed.

Kylie (not Dan)

Anonymous said...

2- DAN


Dan said...

Kylie thought this was funny. I'm not anonymous,even though everyone thinks it's fun to blame it on me... Ok, I guess I deserve it because I tried to blame it on Kylie.

Dan (not Kylie)

Julie M said...

What in the world you two? (Dan and Kylie)

Congrats with making it out alive Trav. Not many people can boast of that. I think that they should rename the GRE test, torpor. It would be appropriate.

Sarachel said...

You made it through the GRE twice? You must be super-human. It took months for me to regain my strength after taking it once.

It's good to hear your voice on the blog again, Trav. Come visit us more often.

Sarachel said...

By the way...how did you fare, Dan? I was rooting for you.

Trav said...

Wait, so was that Dan (on Kylie's computer) asking if I took it in Pocatello? Or Kylie asking Dan? If me, the answer is, No, I took it in Lindon.

Sarachel, good to hear from you too:-)

You know, it's less painful if you don't study for it. That way it takes about 4 hours, instead of days, or even weeks. Less painful, of course, until you get the results back and see that your writing score is horribly (and ironically) under average. Ack. But, like I said, I think the second time was much betta'.

Sarachel said...

I was in Lindon today. We should get together sometime, Trav. We former Writing Center employees need to unite. Chris is somewhere in the area, too, right?
And what about Anona, coming to Utah and not even telling me?
I know I'm out of the loop, but do you need to keep me that far away?

Dan said...

I think I did ok on the GRE. I didn't really study very much for it, and I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but better than I expected. I actually got a much higher score on the Quantitative Section than I did on the Verbal--strange.

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