Ummmm... seriously?

I read this on NFL.com, written by Senior Columnist, Thomas George:

"Take a Hallelujah-moment to reflect on a coaching career that began in 1980 at the University of Minnesota on to an NFL assistant coaching career that began in 1981 at Pittsburgh on to an NFL head-coaching voyage that began in 1996 at Tampa Bay. Reflect, offer respects, then farewell. A gracious adieu."

I'm not sure how to react to this paragraph. I think it is just bad writing. Maybe I am being too critical, but he sounds like he is trying to be profound and making a fool of himself. Perhaps he should take his next article to the Writing Center.

Maybe I just skipped breakfast or something.


Sky said...

What? This guy "began" three times then LEFT? How dare he!

Natorade said...

what do you expect. He's talking to mostly buzzed guys who are tuning their wife out. (Predjudice I know)

Sky said...

HEY, NATE, WHERE YA BEEN? WE MISSED YOU. (I'm snowed in, so I'm writing on the blog instead of wrapping presents. But, Beau's coming at 1:15am, so I need to get his room clean. I'm very excited.)

Crystal, I'd come and help with the treadmill, but did that already once. That was enough.