Sis. Morgan's back!

And there was much rejoycing the in land. As soon as I saw you posting again I had to go down and re-read all the old posts and stuff. You make me laugh out loud. Especially your comment under Anona's Stagnation. Doesn't seeing your post in italics make you feel like your Emily Dickonson or something? Who knew that could be so much fun? I'm glad you're back. We missed you.


Sky said...

Hey, I did not mean to respond to every single post though. Geez.The only one I haven't read is the Chocolate one. Your post on Writing was amazing and so were the comments.
I decided that Jami's got a good idea. But, instead of introducing the new people to you, I'm going to introduce you to them (at least with pictures), since the Center they enjoy (and sometimes hate) was built on you, Jami's, Anona's, Crystal's, Leanna's etc blood.

Meghan Hoyos came out tonight for family home evening (I think they were inspired, since I was sinking into a holiday depression, and the holidays are have a long way to go. But, the thing is that I was reading that post to them (because it's so fine), and I was aghast that she doesn't know you. How in the heck did you two miss each other since she was Shalese's best friend before her mission, and you were Shalese's best friend? So, we'll move into intros soon--except how do I describe Anona? Brilliant, Strait-laced, Mormon Cynic? They won't get it.

Crystal said...

Julie, I went back and reread every post too.
And Sis. Morgan, the blog was much emptier without all your comments. I'm glad you're back.