Facebook Doesn't Lie

I thought that most of you would know before you found out on facebook. Sister Morgan was ecstatic to announce it at seminar today, it must of slipped her mind. But that's OK! After all, it is the gospel of repentance and forgiveness. It's true though, I am engaged, hooray!

Her name is Sarah (she's 21 next month, she is a beautician graduate girl, and extremely cute), and we met at institute. Sunday I asked her to marry me; however, due to my lack of wealth, she has no ring. And because she has no ring, we have no cool proposal story. That will happen once I get some income again. We are planning on getting hitched in the late fall at the Logan Temple, a mutual place for both families. Then we'll move back to Rexburg so I can finish school while she works full-time.

We are both pretty excited, and surprised, that it happened. When we started dating, neither of us wanted anything serious. She had a missionary with ten months left, and I was coming back to Idaho. With no pressure for anything to happen, we ended up engaged. Odd how that works eh? Last night we wrote off her missionary, and her sisters said that our engagement “is like a member of the family dying.” They really like him, but they don’t know me. I told Sarah to tell her sisters that I am like a member of the family that has died and is now resurrected, that much better. I am optimistic that they will love me as most people do.

I must say, God is pretty dang good at making awesome things happen with the unexpected detours of life.

PS - It is not freezing or snowy here in Maryland, just cold wetness.


Chan said...

Okay, I'm just going to say it: that was quick. But I'm no expert on...anything, and if you say it's good, I believe you and you have my CONGRATULATIONS!...!!....!!!!!! Picture me doing the robot in celebration. Speaking of which, I bet if you did the robot for her family, they'd completely forget about that missionary.

Sky said...

It did NOT slip my mind, you dum-dum. I had a PowerPoint planned for next Tuesday with the pictures you sent me. Remember? Now you went and ruined it. Man, you have fallen over the edge in this love thing. Oh well, I'm making you promise that I get to announce your first child, since I had a hard time sitting on this secret. But not one soul knew until you blabbed it out with a megaphone. I, myself, had flowers, wedding rings, you on one knee, her picture in the clouds--all planned. And it went out on FACEBOOK? Ooooooh, groan....Way to go, you twit.
(But, also, by the way, congratulations also.)

Chan said...

Sis. Morgan told me like a week ago.

Eric James said...

Oh geez! Now I feel like a fool. I thought you were doing it today. My little sister kept bugging me to post it on facebook, but I refused until after the seminar. Sarah wanted to as well. I told her we had to wait. So I did until I thought you had announced it, then posted it, then Jacob called me to see if I was playing a joke. I ruined it for you Sister Morgan, I am sorry.

You should still show the PowerPoint though, I want to see your magic.

Kaitlin said...

Eric, congrats congrats congrats. I really am happy for you. It sounds like you are getting a gem of a gal.

Sky said...

You should be sorry, Eric. I want you to wrap your head in sackcloth for at least ten minutes before you go back to being ecstatically happy. I had to bite my tongue in two a couple of times. It's such happy news, I WANTED THE MEGAPHONE, and I bit pieces out of my mouth every time I ran into someone we know 'cause I wanted to blurt it out.

Don't anyone congratulate him until I SHOW THE PICTURES.

And Chan is such a bigfatliar.

But, we ARE happy for you (after I get over the urge to cut your tongue out). She looks happy and pure in heart.

The rest of you? Get to bed. Haven't you heard about the "get enough sleep" part in the Word of Wisdom? Whatsa matter with you? Never mind. Don't answer that.

iBo said...

she showed the pictures. can i say congratulations now?

Katie said...

Congratulations, Eric.
Sounds like happiness!

googler said...