E-mail from Rebeckah. Should I post it? OK. I will.

I miss you. I was reading the blog just now. I have to be really frank and hope you won't be mad. I really didn't think you (plural) would miss me, or really notice I was gone other than in the passing, "didn't some girl used to work here. Oh well, what's for lunch?" kind of comment. I don't mean that in the melodramatic way, I just figured that it would go like it usually does with students. When I started working at the center, I was so "new" in every way possible. I felt really insecure and like I had to defend myself, for what I don't know. I am just now realizing that I really have friends there. I didn't realize that I was just about immediately accepted, no, adopted. I wasn't used to being loved like that. I feel like you and Adam are my family.
Anyway, none of this is revised, or even properly punctuated (though I am thoroughly thorough when I grade my students' papers, thanks to working there). It’s not clever or imaginative, but I thought I should tell you that I love and miss you.


Britt said...

Dear Rebeckah, I miss you too. I know what you mean about disappearing though and don't worry, you haven't.

Katie said...

Oh Rebeckah, I'm glad you're posting on the blog. I echo Brittany--you're not forgotten Have fun where you are, and keep posting!