The Glories of Spring Break

I made it! I have five whole days. I own them. They're mine. No sharing.
On that note, I have resolved to read, write, eat, sleep, hike, walk, do yoga, and spend exorbitant amounts of time in the library, my sanctuary. Sigh.
I haven't been writing very much. Too much school and applications and interviews and nonsense that seems to suck the time away from the more meaningful aspects of my life. Although some could argue visa-versa. But I can't seem to strike upon what it is that I am suppose to be writing about. Usually it comes so easily, so naturally. I know what it is that I am suppose to write about, and I write about it until it's raw. Then we move on. But right now, I can't seem to identify it. Any ideas Sis. Morgan?
You always say to write from the front of your life. But what if I can't tell what's at the front right now? I feel I've dwelt too much on the past, and the middle is kind of blah. I'm I just not seeing what I am suppose to be seeing? Maybe I need to read some Annie Dillard. Ah, but then my tone will sound too much like her and what's the point of trying match her tone. This always happens when I read her. Maybe I need to go sit in the mountains and meditate. That would work probably, but it looks like it's going to rain, and as much as meditating in the rain sounds romantic it's really not. (I think Chan explored that idea once upon a time).
I've watched my Cardinal birds for about an hour, just thinking and watching and thinking. They are my favorite birds who come to our feeder. I think I like them because they don't waste. The house and goldfinches will fly up to the feeder and pick out the sunflower seeds that they like and throw the rest of the ground. It kind of looks like it's raining black pebbles. But then the Cardinals show up and they clean everything up. They eat what falls on the ground, and when they are at the feeder I only see broken shells fall from it. Good birds.


Sky said...

Cool post. You wrote until you found a perfect image--profound--and it only took you a couple of paragraphs. It's interesting to me that our best writing comes out of what we love. Save this stuff for your book.

Emily Goodsell said...

Isn't Spring Break great? I had my five days of freedom this week. It felt so nice to wake up when the sun was already coming up and go to bed whenever I wanted. Brad worked both of his jobs all week, but he still felt like it was a vacation for him because I was so happy all week. It was a new me. And now, when I go back to school on Monday, I'll only have seven weeks of school left. I can make it.

Enjoy your break. Good luck finding what it is you want to write about.