The Abode House

So, maybe to lighten the mood of the blog, I've decided to share with everyone the 25 mottos of the Abode House. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

1. The Abode House: Making mottos since before you were born.
2. Strictly business.
3. Let's build some pain bombs.
4. What have you done for the Abode House today?
5. I live in the Abode House--I do what I want.
6.The Abode House motto is to make mottos.
7. I'm hungry; it's time to cook.
8. I went to Abode House to live deliberately...NOT!
9. I want to read with you.
10. If you have a lot, neglect something.
11. Voids suck.
12. Bustin' makes me feel good.
13. Never, ever, under any circumstances, spontaneously combust.
14. Carpe ( fill in the blank )!
15. My Abode House is magic. (To be sung to the tune of With Arms Wide Open by Creed)
16. Power Fist!
17. Bring the rain!
18. It's an Abode thing; you wouldn't understand.
19. I've got important man stuff to do.
20. Go tell it on a mountian.
21. The more the bubbles, the sweeter the memory.
22. Shorthand is for sissies.
23. Every form of combustion known to man.
24. Make bold statements.
25. Roll out of bed classy.

In the spring of 2009, five men learned to live by, care for, and learn from these 25 simple mottos. These men gleaned important and invaluable life lesson from the mottos, and now I challenge you, followers of the WC blog, to do the same. Consider them, and they will consider you.

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Anonymous said...

Go tell it on a mountain!
Haha. Thanks, Skyler.