Good Friends are Hard to Find

I sit in the isle seat on a cold metal chair. Angled away from the girl sitting next to me, I look up at the speaker baring his testimony. It’s the 1st counselor giving a history of the dark ages; he emphasizes how hard it must have been to live then, especially for the protestant reformers that rebelled against the Catholic church. Ten minutes pass, and he is still talking. I look up at the symmetric, wood-carved design above the podium and wonder how someone had the patience and tenacity to create it. To the right, the wood planks that create the A-frame design of the church flow through the walls and are flanked by fading yellow, red, and orange stained glass windows. This is my church building now. This is where I feel like I am supposed to be, yet all I can think of is my Rexburg, my friends, and the life I left at BYU–Idaho.

I realized two things recently. First, I didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye to any of you, except for Matt who happened to catch me on campus and possibly Aly who texted me. Second, I really, really, really miss you all, and I worry that I did not take advantage of my friendships with each of you while I was in close proximities (that one is for you Daniel).

So to make myself feel a little better, I thought I would make a list of all the things I miss about you guys. Here it is:

Aly- I miss our yoga, laughing, and how you always made me feel loved and appreciated.

Britt- I miss our accidental hugs, your amazing fashion sense, and your deep questions that I would never think of asking.

Shannon- I miss how you could see into aspects of my life and could help me see the things I could not see myself.

Matt- I miss wondering if you were only my friend when it didn’t interfere with whatever diabolical plan you were plotting. Also I miss your keen sense of critique.

Kirsten- Argyle, argyle, argyle! Oh how I love and miss your argyle. And I miss your positive attitude and kindness.

Daniel- I miss having a human grammar book to reference. Pages are harder to turn than your synapses.

Rebeccas (plural)- I miss having three amazing Rebeccas to keep straight and laugh with.

Andylin- I miss being terrified that you were going to grammatically tear my heart from my chest and make me watch while it stopped beating. Even now… Oh, and I may or may not have misspelled your name on purpose.

Jalyssa- What isn’t to miss about the most perfect couple ever? You were always so kind to me. Always.

Karli- You live like ten minutes away from me. What the hecks is going on?

Loraine- I miss how you would sometimes steal my seat in seminar but that you were too sweet and nice for me to say anything.

Jodi- Remember how we rocked it in NYC? Yeah I miss times like that.

Kaitlin- I miss going to Abs that Rock and wanting to die while fake rowing to Mylie Cyrus. Oh and I miss how you were always interested in my not-so-interesting life.

Ivor- So poetic. I miss not understanding anything you say or write. My brain doesn’t do poetry.

Eric- I miss your honesty. I hear you are funny, but I fear I didn’t know you well enough to make an educated decision about that. I have hope I will.

Chan- I miss your zeal for life and especially wildlife. I don’t think I have ever cared about anything as much as you care about that.

Kylie- I miss your sweet temperament and the velocity of your speech.

Traci- I miss looking at you from the computers while you were on desk and thinking. She looks bored. Maybe I should show her how to make little boxes by clicking and dragging the mouse.

Amy- I miss thinking about that picture you showed us on your PowerPoint that had you holding the doll that looked exactly like you. Wait I still do that. Oh, and I miss how you would always ask how I was doing.

Jen- I miss your free spirit and wonderful supply of Wunderbars.

Sarahjo- I miss how we just click. It seemed like we always had the same opinions.

New people and people I may have missed- Sorry I didn’t get to meet and/or remember to put you on the list. But I am sure we could have laughed together. And I’ll miss that.

And of course, Sharon Morgan. That’s right, no more Sis. Morgan. We’re peers now. When you hired me, I really needed a job. I liked writing, but I never considered myself a “writer.” The things you taught me about writing will be with me forever. Detail. Honesty. An irrational fear of exclamation points. I can now say with pride that I am a writer. Thank you.

I love and miss you all! I hope to come and visit some time soon.

Hugs, hugs (Except Britt, I know how it freaks you out.)



Sky said...

Wow. Matty. You really nailed it. Thank you. I needed this reminder of friendships that can deepen into forever. AND We miss YOU--your gentle kindness, your weird little giggle, your dry, intelligent wit that zipped out of nowhere and always blew the fluff away--mainly making us laugh at ourselves. We turned and marveled at what kind of mind wandered around your brain. I always laughed out loud, and I don't laugh at much. Thanks for staying our friend.

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

I promise I think you're a cool guy and I consider you a friend. I just don't know how to bond with other men in ways that aren't only a passing nod in the hallway. Sorry.

Matthew said...

Thanks Sister Morgan. I wish there was a way for me to be in Rexburg. And Matt, I was mostly kidding. I think your great. I hope I didn't make you feel bad.

Rebeckah said...

May your chinese towels forever hang in our bathroom, right next to my happy memories of you.

karli said...

Haha, matty! I was thinking the same thing last night: why haven't I hung out with Matty recently? He lives like two minutes away. Actually, I'm going to text you right now.

Britt said...

Matty, remember that time when you told me how you almost puked in your living room from doing crunches. I laughed so hard. And I'm still laughing.

Aly said...

Matty, I can't believe you were here last weekend and didn't tell me! But thank you for the tupperware. I actually borrowed it from a roommate last semester, so...

I also miss yoga and laughing. Remember that one day when you showed me your P90X moves at the center, and we laughed for about 20 minutes straight? Matty, I still love and appreciate you. :)

Matthew said...

Brit- I do remember that time, and I think I may still be nauseous from it.

Aly- sorry it took me so long to get your stuff to you. And sorry I did not tell you I was there. It was a quick and strange trip. But I want to come up soon and see you all!

Shani said...

Reading this made my day. So many good details about so many people I care about. We miss you too, Matty.