Hey All

I wanted to drop a line and say, "Hey Writing Center." I still live in Philadelphia (for the next five months until Travis finishes his master's and then who-the-heck-knows where we'll be). I teach high school English and laugh sometimes, pull out my hair other times, cried once, and sweat every day. Hard work (but "soooooo rewarding," I hear).

I still think of all of you often (at least the "all of you" that I know). Sister Morgan, I don't know if you even have the same phone number but when I got my new phone I transferred your number and assigned your picture to it, knowing that we'll not talk because we both hate phones. There are numbers and pictures I'll never delete; one of my favorites is one of your river and canoe (despite my almost-drowning experience. Stop laughing. It was really cold. We all know it was my excuse to wear your killer hot 50's bathrobe, though).

How are you? Julie? Leanna? Anona? Dan? Meghan? Chan? Nathan? Kiersten? Kaitlin? Sister Morgan? Sending some Philly-colorful love your way. Yes, I still love Photoshop. And yes, I'm still terrified of being a mother. Some things don't change. :)



Rebeckah said...

Jami, are you going to be a mommy soon or were you just speculating?
miss you.

Jami said...

HECK HECK HECK no, Rebeckah. We never really got to know each other too well, but my avid vocalization of not wanting to be a mom was kind of a joke around the WC.

Eric James said...

Jami, I think you rock. You were my favorite person to take my essays to for revision.

When you do bare children, name one "Eric," it will help reduce the fear. Trust me; I know.