Facebook. . .Finally!

Woah, love the new look on the WC blog. Looks so professional.

Since I have been in the Dark Ages without Facebook and everyone neglects this blog because of Facebook, I've decided to break down and create an account.

Yes, this means that I now have another digital addiction that I will simply have to combat. But it also means that I will know a lot more about your lives and what you're doing. Yay!

So, I don't know how this works at all. . . do you magically appear as my friend? Do I have to hunt for you? We'll find out. Uh, come and be my friend?? (Awkward) If you want. . .okay, bye.

--Jami Wilson Nichols
(some know the maiden name, some the married, so hence the formal name here :)


Sky said...

I was so happy to see you on facebook. Your face is beautiful as always, though I can trace your last two years through it. Your hard times and good times have made you even more beautiful. I miss you terribly. STAY CONNECTED.

Jami said...

Wow, Sister Morgan, I hadn't seen your comment until now and you just made all of the half-packed boxes in my house disappear. Thanks for the compliment. I have changed but am so much the same. It's hard to describe, but you know exactly what I mean.

Why the boxes? Moving again. Not too far, though--just three hours west of Philadelphia. Instead of the white-knuckled fear I experienced moving from ID to PA, I'm actually looking forward to it. Trav's going to Penn State for his Ph.D. and the town is a lot more laid back and friendly. It'll be a better place to teach (assuming I find a job, which Heavenly Father hasn't let me down so far so I'm not afraid in that department either). And my favorite part: no more coin-operated laundry! (now THAT deserves an exclamation point). Our apartment is bigger and I'm looking forward to making it home. Home where I can stay for more than a year or two. Actually, it's five years minimum, so I'm excited to settle. Not "settle" as in be a Mom yet, but to make a home. Although I have made progress in the maternal aspect of things and I appreciate motherhood, love my nieces greatly, and can imagine myself as a mother without cringing. I'm grateful for how Heavenly Father softens us.

Okay, this is officially the longest "comment" on the WC blog. . .

I miss you. I can't help but feel sweeping jealousy looking at all of the pictures of WC fun on July 4. Someday I'll finally get to be there with everyone again.