No Worries

I sit here in our living room and stare at the coaster from Outback Steakhouse that Lance so proudly posted on our wall that says “No Worries,” and I think of that and my mind goes to little Baby Howie, and I think of the time Lance and I first met, and the time he came out to visit for the first time after his mission, and the day we moved into our first apartment, and those moments in the car where I look over at him and it just takes my breath away. Then I think of the way he rubs my growing tummy, and the way he still looks at me just like he did when we were sixteen with that youthful glimmer in his eyes. Life. The winding road of it all—it’s so beautiful. I don’t even know how to express everything I am feeling (and with all those hormones runnin’ amuck in there with Baby Howie…you get the picture) except for what Lance has so wonderfully and unknowingly made the theme of our home—No Worries.

(And don't worry, we're not really naming the baby Howie.)


Travis & Jenny Holloway said...

That was beautiful Leanna. I love your guys' theme--no worries. It is definitely something I am slowly trying to adopt as my own. I loved the memories you shared; life IS really made up of those beautiful, meaningful moments that we share with the ones we love. Thanks for sharing yours. It is good to reminece(sp?) on them every now and then.

E. Anona said...

No, I like Howie. Seriously. Isn't it nice to have a husband that is happy you're pregnant, getting bigger, etc.?

Chan said...

Leanna! Anona! It seems like forever since we've heard from you guys. Congrats on getting bigger and being happy.

E. Anona said...

Okay Chandler, let's not go too far here. I am happy, I am bigger, but I'm not exactly fat and happy.

Have you seen maternity clothes? I think they just take clothes for large old women,(note: pants with elastic waistbands) put maternity labels on them, and then charge 20 percent more.

Today I'm wearing the maternity shirt my mother got me. Not just because I'm going up to the parents' house after school today, but because I've never been large before and therefore have to wear whatever large clothes I own. It's very drape-y with big patterns and a little blue belt above my belly to add panache to the whole thing. In short, something I would never wear and that my husband has already told me (twice!) that he dislikes.

I'm not sure if this interests you. I do appreciate people who are positive about my pregnancy. (Then there's my cousin, who every time I see him says, "Wow, you're getting bigger. Well I guess we know who did this to you." I'm just waiting until he hits 25 and develops a belly so I can comment on his growth.)

I'd love to come up to Idaho sometime and impress you all with my big belly and pregnant glow. I haven't seen Sara on the blog recently, but tell her thanks for the grad announcement.


Leanna said...

Anona, I agree. I'm not too sure the belly is as cute as everyone thinks it is. I would like to publicly apologize for ever offending anyone by saying their fat is cute. And don't tell me "it's not fat, it's the baby," because it doesn't matter, it still feels like fat. The end.

Chan said...

Whoa, touchy touchy. That must be the hormones talking.

Hyrimskikorisikov said...

Hyrum here--

Just wait until the first time he decides to finger paint with his poop and then sprays you when you're changing his diaper.

Of course, my favorite was when my son threw up in bed at 2am, while at the same time his diaper leaked something Saddam Hussien might have found useful. And then to top it all off, he pees in my face as Im changing his diaper, so I have to get a new diaper, and then just as we settle down into a peaceful slumber with him on my chest. . .he pukes again.

So, no worries. :)

Sarachel said...

Chandler is an idiot. (I mean that in the nicest way possible)

I'm glad you got the announcement. I'll be in Utah in April. Maybe I can come visit--I'm not sure yet. I'll be visiting my aunt and looking for an apartment. At least I hope I'll be looking for an apartment. My Grad School application is still pending. I wish they would just hurry up and tell me something. If I don't get in to Grad School, I need to sent out résumés and find a job. I'm going to a rather large advertising competition at the end of April. I can interview for jobs there, I just need to prepare for whatever I'm doing. Frustrating.

How is pickle/Sophy/Samantha? Did you get my list of names? I think you should have party for yourself. Maybe even a baby shower. You can eat ice cream, get presents, and no one will tell you they hate your clothes. If you were here in Rexburg, I would host a party for you.

Sky said...

Wow. Hyrum, don't sugar coat it for the new mothers, please. Ha. Feel free to tell it like it is. I think Hyrum's showing off his bravery in the face of changing diapers, etc. to somehow balance out what he saw Katrina go through giving birth. Sorry, Hyrum. A mere drop in the bucket. You still have a million diapers and throw-up and all of Iraq to even approach Katrina's bravery and patience through 9 months of hormones and giving birth to little Kent.(Keep your head down and stay out of the heat, Child.)

E. Anona said...

Hi Sara, sorry, I've switched to using my BYU email, so I kind of spaced answering your email.

I got your list (I really like lists), but none of the names just hit me over the head. I keep telling Austin that I'm giving birth, so I get to name the child, but it would be annpoying if he gets to name her Samantha just because I can't find another name that's better.

Anyway, life's good. I get done with school in April and will probably throw a party for myself in which I will do absolutely nothing for a few days.

My back has been killing me (is that too cliche?) so I plan on taking up water areobics once I'm done with finals. (I guess the pregnant woman taking water aerobics is really cliche).

Anyway, don't worry about stopping by if you're busy, but I'd love to say hi.