"PLEASE Forgive Me"

Because you don't say good-bye, I never realized that I had actually left Rexburg & thought I could run down & talk to you any time. Guess not. Has it been a year or so already?
How are you doing? I have thought about you & the writing center often. I just happened to luck out last night and find one blog link that led to another resulting in finding the writing center blog. It was joy to my soul! Of course, I must admit that I find it somewhat confusing because I don't know when things were written nor by whom they were written. It seems like people are getting married, going on missions, having babies, & of course, being as crazy as usual. OH MY GOODNESS! Life never stops. Nevertheless, I knew that I could no longer not write you.

So, I hope this does not get lost in your inbox like my essay did that one time. (Still waiting for feedback on that one). I hope you may have two seconds to write back something quick about what YOU are up to & HOW you are doing.
My life from the past year-ish has been documented on my blog: www.sarahsemptyspaces.blogspot.com. For a quick rundown (since I know you could be doing something more productive than surfing your inbox for random emails from former WC assistants) it goes like this:
1. We are having a baby girl some time around June 20. (Yes, that means my jeans don't fit)
2. Skyler is doing graduate work in Landscape Architecture at Utah State.
3. We are living in my parents house while they are on their mission.
4. They are living with us while they are home between two missions. (They were in Paraguay but came home earlier than expected because my dad has been called to be a mission president in California Ventura)
5. They are to be in the MTC June 21.
6. I miss you & BYU-Idaho.
7. I have been working two part-time jobs. One as a speech aide in a preschool & one as a receptionist in a dental office. Learning about real life.
8. I am a complete failure as a writer. I need to write more.
9. You will forever be an inspiration to me.

Hope this email finds you well. Say hi to everyone.
Sarah (Westergard)

Hey, Hi Girl. Congrats. Bring in baby and Skyler when you visit. We miss you also.

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