Failing my wifely duties

Hi, it's me again. I'm sitting here in my apartment alone with a 50 inch flat screen TV, purchased about 1.3 hours ago. It is freaking huge and weighs more than I do, and I'm eight months pregnant. I can never let our kids watch it unless they're sitting fifteen feet away, otherwise their little retinas will burn out.

I don't think I resent it, as my husband is very happy and has spent the last two months looking at and talking about TVs. I have spent the last two months looking at and talking about baby stuff. So he better not resent anything up that alley. I am a little ashamed of it though. It seems so...gluttonous to have it filling up our living room. My parents paid slightly more for their current car than we paid for this TV--I know they will definitely disapprove when they find out.

You know, I did originally tell Austin no. That's what wives are supposed to do, right? Keep their husbands from buying impractical and expensive electronics? I told him he wouldn't get a Father's Day present and that I wanted a baby grand piano, etc. I realize these are not great reasons for a guy to hold off from buying a big screen TV, but I figured that I married a practical man who is a FINANCE major so he would be able to resist until it was more in the budget. I guess I underestimated the allure of...this thing. It's huge. Yes, it will make Mario Kart that much better, but it's just sitting here, dominating our apartment. There is just no hiding it.


Leanna said...

I can't let Lance read your blog. I've been making him hold out for so long on a big screen tv. But I can feel myself wearing thin...maybe we will both have the same tragic end. =D

Sky said...

Your honesty always refreshes me. You stand back and tell it like it is. The word "dominating" worries me though. Make sure you always get equal time with the electronics, or sometimes your resentment ends up in tension headaches or huge red boils. (Women turn it inward, though I'm a firm advocate of buying red punching bag to place in garage, though mine kept flipping back and hitting me in the face. Ha.) I miss you. I think we'll live in Tuscany someday and teach Eng Lit at a local Italian University. Although, I'm always ill now and may be there in spirit only. But I get to decorate the balcony, please.