Tipped canoes,ham kabobs, and hipster clothes

Thanks to many-- to Kaitlin for helping me brave Walmart on Thursday night to shop. Thank you very much to Jami, Kiersten, and Meghan for coming three hours early to help. They cooked also and worked very hard.
But special thanks to Jami, Chandler, and Kaitlin for not leaving my canoe at the bottom of the river after they tipped it over beyond the bridge (I'm still puzzled over how they could tip a full-sized canoe over in a small river. Was it Matt's blood on the seat that cursed them?) However, they could have easily floated for safety in the snow run-off water, bless their hearts. (But, of course, they knew I'd shoot them for abandoning the canoe just to save their lives.)
I think Jason and Kiersten tied over the marshmallow contest with Chan as a close second (second only because he ate all his himself, instead of sharing); Kudos to Sarah and all others for singing to help my flowers grow.(I'm amazed at the sound of the harmony against the background of trees, stars, and a river--beautiful. We have great talent.) Thanks to Matt for quoting scriptures to Chan about how not to tip over canoes. And an award goes to Eric for "most improved fire builder from Maryland." Thanks to Nate for leaving half a carton of Sherbet for me to eat over the weekend.
Special thanks to Travis and Jami for helping clean up even though they left early, and I'm very grateful for those who stayed to clean at the end--Was it Sarah or Stephanie who cleaned out the bean pan I gave up on and threw back into the sink? Thanks. Good food. Good company (though I do miss the talking; the singing was as good or better). Loved the sunset as the background for fire smoke and assistants wrapped in robes, socks, and hipster clothes. We are blessed.


T & J said...

Thanks for putting these pictures on the blog, Sister Morgan. They're making me feel cold just looking at our soaked snow-run-off clothes. How ridiculous. I'm sure it was Chan's fault. Wait, he didn't even have an ore. . .well it wasn't mine and Kaitlin's fault. There must have been a gust of wind. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Except it does give me an excuse to not be photogenic, which is nice :) Glad that there was something new on the blog. I have to have an important diversion from my homework; otherwise, I just feel guilty while I waste my time with unimportant diversions.

Sky said...

My favorite picture of all time is Jami, Chan, and Kaitlin wading in the river, pulling my water logged canoe behind them. Ha.

Dan said...

I love how everyone's first thoughts were not "I hope they're ok," but "Where's the camera?"